Setting up a new band

Hi there. I’m an Anglo-French singer/songwriter and cabaret performer and I’m getting a band together. I am looking for a double bass player at the moment but interested to hear from drummers, guitarists, violinists or viola players, and any other instrument you think could create an innovative sound. We already have piano and accordion. We’re looking for experienced musicians who can read music (preferably) and happy to experiment and be creative, and sensitive to the band’s overall sound. Willingness to do backing vocals or even the odd duet would be a bonus. We are putting together a band to do a whole range of French and English language classics. I’m keen to start by getting an interesting sound that works, then doing gigs locally but also further afield, and when we’re ready, doing a Cabaret style concert for touring. My style of performing and choice of music is inspired by Camille O’Sullivan, Ute Lemper – so definitely the focus on the music but with a Cabaret edge. The mood I’m looking to create is dark, passionate and dramatic but also fun, sassy and sexy. We’re exploring set lists at the moment and open to ideas. We’re going as wide as Velvet Underground (Sunday Morning), Johny Cash, Pogues, Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Katie Melhua, Doors Jacques Brel, Edith Piaf, Serge Gainsbourg, Leonard Cohen, Mireille Matthieu, Juliette Greco, Paul Weller, Astor Piazzola and other Tango pieces, Lisa Minelli & the Petshop Boys, Sarah Vaughn and other great Jazz/Swing ladies. (What ever lola wants), possibly even Kurt Weil and Brecht (Alabama Song and Mack the Knife). I can meet anyone who is interested during July and 2nd half of August. We’d like to start rehearsing in September.